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‘Through my creative works I seek to map the uncharted territory of the heart.’


1.Analysing Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’

2.Beginner’s Guide to Independent Online Learning

3.Beyoncé in Culture

4.Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy

5.Books to Change Your Life

6.Building Fantasy Worlds

7.‘Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson’

8.Early Modern English: An Overview

9.How to Start Your Tutoring Business

10.Introduction to Michael Jackson Studies

11.Making Money as an Artist

12.Matrix Trilogy Concepts

13.Michael Jackson & Black History

14.Michael Jackson & Black History Teaching Pack

15.Michael Jackson’s Artistic Afterlife

16.Michael Jackson’s Art as Life

17.Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’

18.Michael Jackson’s Invincible

19.Michael Jackson Late Works Teaching Pack

20. Michael Jackson’s Life as Art

21.Reading Michael Jackson in the Classroom

22. Resources for Teaching Michael Jackson Studies

23. Revising for English Examinations

24. Teaching Michael Jackson Studies

25. Worldwide Shakespeares

26. Working with Set Texts