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General Inquiries

Please note responses may take up to 14 days and we do not accept proposals, or letters through the post. All correspondence must go to the email above. Also, please note that The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies is currently accepting requests for academic and biographical book reviews, as well as author interviews and original unpublished academic essays and opinion pieces.

Elizabeth Amisu Interview and Speaking Inquiries

Elizabeth has seven years’ experience speaking and teaching at Post-Compulsory and Higher Education level. She appeared at the Bucks New University Ninth Annual Conference on Liminal Spaces, and has gone on to deliver papers and addresses in a range of contexts.

Her experience makes her an excellent guest-lecturer and seminar host, and also the ideal guest-speaker for podcasts, lectures, radio and television discussion panels, keynote speeches, university events and conferences, fan conventions and gatherings, and graduations. She can appear in person (UK and Europe) and via digital media such as Skype (USA and International).

She is also accepting interviews for both print and web publications about a range of topics covered in her landmark monograph, The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife, such as African-American heritage, culture and representation, and Michael Jackson’s music and literary works, legacy and artistic afterlife;  her podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation, and The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies. In addition, she is also available to discuss her academic research on high-status black people in Early Modern English Life and Literature (as included in the appendix of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson); as well as her career as a hybrid academic/young-adult author.

To inquire about Elizabeth’s availability for any of the above, please send your request via email to:

Elizabeth Amisu Bulk Order Requests

To order Elizabeth Amisu books visit or A discount of 10% is offered for orders of 10 copies or more of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona and His Artistic Afterlife, directly from the publisher. For an order form email us at