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Meet Elizabeth
Elizabeth Amisu, author of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife, holds an MA in Early Modern English Literature from King’s College London, in conjunction with the British Library. She completed her teacher training at the University College London Institute of Education and has seven years’ experience teaching Creative Writing, English Literature, English Language, and Film Studies. She received a First Class BA (Drama, Film, and Creative Writing) from Bucks New University and was the recipient of the award for Highest Overall Mark in the Faculty of Creativity and Culture (2008). She is co-founder and editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies online. Learn more here.

Praise for Elizabethimg_6144Joseph Vogel, author of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson, called Elizabeth’s work, ‘intelligent and illuminating’ and ‘passionate, keen, often daring’.
headshotAbbie Maguire of The Huffington Post: ‘caught somewhere between Dickens and Graham Greene is the eloquent yet sharp language style of Amisu, and it’s a flair that bleeds into her character development… nothing short of a modern masterpiece.”
karin-e1449753806962Karin Merx, illustrator and academic: ‘I have seen this book grow from a first published essay on the internet to what it is now, an indispensable source for all who wish to know about Michael Jackson’s art’.

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Dangerous Philosophies Cover

The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife
The essential companion to Michael Jackson’s music, films, and books, this work offers 21 original, academic essays on all things Jackson-from film, music, and dance to fashion, culture, and literature. It is the ultimate collector’s item for every Michael Jackson fan, student, researcher and academic. Find out more.
Print Hardback: August/September 2016, 324pp & Illus.
Price: £48.00/$73.00 Amazon-USA/Amazon-UK/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Mexico/Amazon-India/Amazon-Brazil/Barnes&Noble/ Waterstones-UK

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micheljacksonstudies‘Michael Jackson Studies’ Online Course
A six-week online course which leads the learner through the creative world of Michael Jackson’s music, film and cultural relevance for six inspirational weeks of revealing research, videos, podcasts, articles, essays, clips, songs and short films, and case studies using Jackson’s catalog. Try a free lesson today.
Online On-Demand Course: 6 weeks
Price: $170 (reduced from $340)

matrix trilogy concepts.jpg

Matrix Trilogy Concepts Online Course
This is an academic course on the worlds, themes, concepts, and philosophical messages in the films, The Matrix, The Matrix Revisited, The Matrix Revolutions and The Animatrix,written and directed by Lily and Lana Wachowski. Focusing on four key concepts in the film series: purpose, consciousness, free will, and machine vs. man. This course brings together several strands from the films using stills, frame analysis, dialogue and documentaries. Try a free lesson today.
Online Course: 6 weeks
$144 (reduced from $288)

beyonce-in-cultureBeyoncé in Culture Online Video Course
This six-week course is on the art, performance and representation of entertainer, Beyoncé Knowles. Focusing on Beyoncé’s image of mystique and the selling power of sexuality in culture, this course brings in new perspectives on Beyoncé’s place in the history of black femininity and black feminism, taking into context key figures in the Western fetishization of black women, such as Sara Baartman (Hottentot Venus) and Josephine Baker. Try a free lesson today.
Online Course:
 6 weeks
Price: $144 (reduced from $288)


Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation
This monthly academic podcast focuses on the life, art and creative work of Michael Jackson. Each episode is filled to the brim with academic insights, a plethora of references from a range of academic disciplines, humor and a great deal of discussion, taking Michael Jackson’s work and the study of its reception to new heights. Listen here for free.
Digital Release: Season 1 (1-7) Season 2 (8-14)
Format: MP3, 30-90 mins.
Price: Free via iTunes, Android, EmailRSS, and Stitcher.


Ripe Earth (The Ripe Earth Trilogy Book 1)
As Gwen Oluran approaches her 18th birthday she can feel something changing, and once she meets the destructively dashing Myron in Hyde Park on a summer’s day, she falls for his siren’s call. Now Gwen’s life balances on a sword’s-edge, and she must find a way to escape. This suspenseful coming-of-age novel captures the peak of first love, and the abyss of being young forever. Read the first chapter free.
Digital: April 2016, 124pp
Price: $8.88   Amazon-UK /Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Netherlands/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Brazil/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-Mexico/

mjas companion coverMichael Jackson & Prince
This 90-minute-read consists of seven questions focused on critical reception, biography, artistry, the worthiness of comparisons between Michael Jackson and Prince, along with unique historical and musical perspectives from guest contributors Roberta Meek and Lisha McDuff. What can Prince’s fans learn from Michael Jackson? What can Michael Jackson’s fans learn from Prince? The answers are here. Own today.
Digital Release: June 2016
Price: $17.77 

11372193_1447243702269939_266234751_nConsulting for Teachers, Students and Researchers
Have you registered for ‘An Introduction to Michael Jackson Studies’ or Beyoncé in Culture’? Would you like personal one-to-one tuition and guidance to help you with the course? Or are you a teacher looking to spice up your lessons with new inspired classes. Get affordable academic tuition, course-development and academic consultation with one of the world’s most savvy experts on the intersect between popular culture and “high” art. Find out more here.
Price: $118 per 1hr
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Sacerdos cover

Sacerdos (The Sacerdos Mysteries Book  1)
“…the eloquent yet sharp language style of Amisu, and it’s a flair that bleeds into her character development.” – Abigail Maguire, Huffington Post.
Through a portal in the sea lies a place called Sacerdos, the Citi of the Priest. Here, a girl called Caelara Teneo finds herself in the middle of an ancient war. Set in a vivid world, richly peopled with exotic characters and places, The Sacerdos Mysteries are a unique journey through the imagination. Read the first chapter free.
Digital: April 2012, 251pp
Price: $8.88 Amazon-UK/Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Mexico/Amazon-India/Amazon-Brazil

arcane rising coverArcane Rising (The Sacerdos Mysteries Book 2)
“Elizabeth has created a new language and painted the world of Terra Magna with vivid clarity.” – Sahar Danesh
Now seasoned in the art of war, Caelara Teneo is an Elite veteran in the place she calls home, Sacerdos. She has buried friends and said goodbye to lovers. However, the fabric of her world is about to unravel, as family, duty, and her very own life is challenged by the mystery of her blood.
Digital Release: December 2012, 213pp
Price: $8.88 Amazon-UK/Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Mexico/Amazon-India/Amazon-Brazil.

Waterblood coverWaterblood (The Sacerdos Mysteries Book 3)
“… a rollicking good time… characters are vivid and the dialogue snappy… put this on your wish list.” – Mohana Lakshmi, author of ‘Love Comes Later’
The third installment of The Sacerdos Mysteries takes Caelara away from Sacerdos, the place she was born, for the sake of love and family. When everything she holds dear is destroyed, Caelara must pick up the pieces of her life, and harness the power that was within her all along.
Digital: April 2013, 156pp
Price: $8.88 Amazon-UK/Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Mexico/Amazon-India/Amazon-Brazil.


A Companion to Michael Jackson Academic Studies I
This bespoke academic companion includes some of the freshest and most groundbreaking academic analysis of Jackson’s life and art. It presents a selection of twelve academic works within the greater body of critical discourse related to Michael Jackson, along with where to find these works and for what academic purposes one might read and cite them. Download and own today.
Digital Release: July 2015, 34 pp.
ISSN: 2452-0497
Price: Free for subscribers of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies.

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