Teacher YOU Matter

TYM.jpg‘Teacher YOU Matter’ is a brand new series of New 12 Self-Help Mini-Guides for Wonderful Teachers everywhere.

These guides will give you the advice and exercises to cultivate your own ability to face any circumstance your teaching career can throw at you. You can learn to live your teaching life on your own terms and move yourself from a place of worry, exasperation and worthlessness to a place of joy, excitement and self-belief.

With perceptiveness and honesty, Elizabeth Amisu illustrates with lessons and reflections, how you could take control of your teaching career and move forward with your life. These inspiring books offer possible solutions for turning resentment into understanding, stagnancy into dynamism and – becoming a teacher who truly matters.

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Learn how to:

  • emotionally manage your teaching day
  • prioritise your own needs
  • manage the toughest class
  • get real joy from teaching
  • watch out for warning signs of mental illness
  • cope with the wear and tear in teaching life
  • plan the future after your teaching life
  • focus on your uniqueness as a teacher
  • build up positivity in the face of negativity from others
  • give the best of yourself at all times
  • know how to celebrate the little victories
  • put the teaching ‘failures’ into perspective
  • focus on growth as a person as well as a teacher

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