There is a place where everyone forgets.
It is called the Island.
‘Ripe Earth’ is the story of its king…
… and the girl who remembered.

Ripe Earth (The Ripe Earth Trilogy Book 1)
As Gwen Oluran approaches her 18th birthday, she can feel something changing, a call she cannot deny. And once she meets the destructively dashing Myron in Hyde Park on a summer’s day, she falls for his siren’s call. Gwen’s tale suddenly takes a shadowy turn when Myron’s true identity is revealed: he is king of a supernatural world of teenagers where no one ages and no one dies unless he kills them. Now Gwen’s life balances on a sword’s-edge, and she must find a way to escape. This suspenseful coming-of-age novel captures the peak of first love, and the abyss of being young forever.


Digital: April 2016, 124pp
Price:  $8.88 Amazon-UK /Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Netherlands/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Brazil/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-Mexico

Reasons You’ll Love Ripe Earth

  • It’s colorful in its imagery and scope
  • Poetic
  • Has a cool split-narrative
  • It is both magical & thrilling
  • Dramatic, Sexy & Dark

Ripe Earth Review

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