MJCAST special on ‘Dangerous Philosophies’ & ‘Michael Jackson Academic Studies’

I’m so happy to announce Karin and Elizabeth’s special episode on the world’s biggest Michael Jackson podcast, The MJCast, in a wonderful Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson & Michael Jackson Academic Studies special. We spill the beans on absolutely everything! Our process, our art, Michael Jackson, and the future for studying him worldwide.

On this special episode of The MJCast, Jamon and Q interview academics Elizabeth Amisu and Karin Merx on Elizabeth’s new book The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona and His Artistic Afterlife. Topics include their own histories, their roles in The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies and Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On podcast, Elizabeth’s writing and publication process, Karin’s artistic process in creating the book’s cover (The Michael Jackson Respect Portrait) and of course many topics on Michael Jackson himself.

As explained on Elizabeth’s website, The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson is “the essential companion to Michael Jackson’s music, films and books, this work offers 21 original, academic essays on all things Jackson – from film, music and dance to fashion, culture and literature. It is the ultimate collector’s item for every Michael Jackson fan, student, researcher and academic.”

Overall, Dangerous Philosophies is a phenomenal work on the depth of Michael’s art and person, and a brilliant achievement by Amisu. Whether you’re an academic yourself wishing to enrich your knowledge of Michael Jackson, or perhaps a casual MJ fan wanting to open your mind to the depth of Michael’s work, you can’t go past Dangerous Philosophies. Pick up a copy today!

‘ – TheMJCast.com: http://www.themjcast.com/episode-047-the-dangerous-philosophies-of-michael-jackson-special-with-elizabeth-amisu-and-karin-merx/

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