Lecture – Studying Michael Jackson’s Blackness: Appreciating Afrocentricity

Studying Michael Jackson’s Blackness: Appreciating Afrocentricity
This free Online Lecture and Q & A shows you how to understand the myths around Michael Jackson’s ethnicity, and unravel the enigma of his representation.

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This audio lecture covers a range of topics including:

✊🏿The hidden cultural reasons for the Michael Jackson myths
✊🏿Afrocentricity in America
✊🏿How to write about ethnicity
✊🏿Michael Jackson & Black History Online Video Course
✊🏿Michael Jackson & Black History Teaching Pack

Please feel free to share this lecture with anyone in your life who is on their research journey or anyone who is a fan.

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  • Re-contextualizing Michael Jackson’s blackness
  • Jackson’s 1991 visit to Africa and his biological African connection
  • Black activism and mass incarceration in They Don’t Care About Us
  • Michael Jackson’s posthumous black activist legacy

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