Free Video Series: Studying Michael Jackson’s Blackness 1/4 – Moonwalk Quotes on Africa

Studying Michael Jackson & Blackness: Moonwalk Quotes On Africa
ThisĀ online video seriesĀ is designed to show learners how they can understandĀ the mysteries of Michael Jacksonā€™sĀ blackness and Afrocentricity, as they are expressed through his writing and art, as well as the myths which surround his ethnicity.

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Hereā€™s an overview of what youā€™ll learn during my new Michael Jackson & Black HistoryĀ online video course:mj-black-history

  • Re-contextualizing Michael Jacksonā€™s blackness
  • Jacksonā€™s 1991 visit to Africa and his biological African connection
  • Black activism and mass incarceration in They Donā€™t Care About Us
  • Michael Jacksonā€™s posthumous black activist legacy

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