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Dear Friend,

2016 is nearing its end, but there are so many more exciting things coming. I have a brand new Sacerdos Mysteries book coming out this month, Disequilibrium, and to celebrate I’m publishing lots of exclusive short stories from the magical world of Terra Magna. The first, Hamartia’s Story is available here.

With Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On I published two new podcasts: Episode 17 – The Isle Is Full Of Noises and Episode 18 – Halloween Special: ‘Ghosts’. In the first episode, Karin and I discussed the academic essay ‘‘The Isle Is Full Of Noises’: Revisiting The Peter Pan Of Pop’, which I wrote in 2014, and in the second we discussed Michael Jackson’s 1997 short film, Ghosts and many of the hidden social and political ideas which lurk beneath the surface.

Lots of new online courses have arrived, including ‘Black Science-Fiction and  Fantasy Online Video Course‘ and ‘Revising for English Examinations Online  Video Course’. Click the links below to access these courses.

Signed Limited Edition copies of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife are now available hereOnly a tiny fraction of these books will be signed. For 10% off your purchase use the code DANGEROUS at the checkout. (Valid to November 8th) A wonderful companion online course where I guide you through the book will be premiering at Online Arts Education November 6th.

Have a wonderful November,

Eliza x

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