Free Gift: ‘Beginner’s Guide to Independent Digital/Online Learning’ Video Course & Handbook

Dear Friend,

In my work at Online Arts Education, the world’s premiere provider of Michael Jackson Studies online courses, I have discovered how  the process of digital learning can be very challenging. That’s why created the Beginner’s Guide to Independent Online Learning for:

  • People who want to learn online but are not sure how
  • Learners who want to build their confidence in a digital world
  • Anyone who wants to improve their CV/resume with e-learning qualifications

Take the free course here>>

You can take this short course (worth $100) completely free by using the coupon code LEARNONLINE in the checkout. It consists of 6 video lessons on:

  • Taking learning journeys online
  • What to expect on an e-learning course
  • The simple, affordable tools which can help
  • How to use e-learning final projects to get noticed as a professional
  • The real-world uses for e-learning certificates
  • How to reach new heights after you have completed an online course

Oh, and this simple Student Handbook offers advice on how best to continue on your online learning journey:

Happy Learning,

Elizabeth –

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