Official Book Trailer for ‘Ripe Earth’ & Giveaway

Just a few years ago, I embarked on a thrilling journey to take two of my biggest inspirations, Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie, and a play called The Tempest by William Shakespeare, and write a Young Adult fantasy novel inspired by both that would be terrifying, thrilling and magical at the same time.

So here it is – I’m mental. Not stab-you-for-no-reason kind of mental or run-down-the-street naked mental. Just – mental. The everyday, one-out-of-three kind. You’ve heard the statistic, that one-out-of-three of us has a mental illness, right? Or is that cancer?

– Ripe Earth by Elizabeth Amisu, Chapter 1 (Gwen)

I have always loved the idea of staying young forever, and how macabre that seemed to me. I loved Peter Pan but Peter himself always had a sinister quality to him that I really enjoyed. Really, he spent a lot of time on his own, more time than he or we could ever know. That’s the danger of never growing up, you never know how old you really are.

So I spent some time and came up with a beautiful book that I just loved, it’s called Ripe Earth and you can read the first chapter here totally free.

I have walked these walks and tasted this air for too many days. Here, time is a cancer; it covers like thistles and weeds. Then comes the acid rain, burning the skin, twisting the back, bending, then erasing the shadow.

I hate time.

It is a fire that burns all that is good. Time is a devil. I can feel it telling me to go home, pulling them to their inevitable deaths. So I fight back. I beckon. I give my gift, welcoming the best fruit to my garden. What they do with that gift, well that is up to them.

– Ripe Earth by Elizabeth Amisu, Chapter 1 (Myron)

This wonderful trailer was created by Karin Merx at, so head on over there to see the other amazing things my partner’s creating.

Ripe Earth will be totally free tomorrow (30 July 2016) on Amazon Kindle in all territories for 24 hours! Enjoy it, tell your friends and remember, all boys grow up… except one.

Ripe Earth Official Book Trailer


Ripe Earth (The Ripe Earth Trilogy Book 1)
As Gwen Oluran approaches her 18th birthday she can feel something changing, and once she meets the destructively dashing Myron in Hyde Park on a summer’s day, she falls for his siren’s call. Now Gwen’s life balances on a sword’s-edge, and she must find a way to escape. This suspenseful coming-of-age novel captures the peak of first love, and the abyss of being young forever. Read the first chapter free.
Digital: April 2016, 124ppBuy-On-Amazon-Button
Price: $8.88   Amazon-UK /Amazon-USA/Amazon-Germany/Amazon-France/Amazon-Spain/Amazon-Italy/Amazon-Netherlands/Amazon-Japan/Amazon-Brazil/Amazon-Canada/Amazon-Mexico/

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