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Here are some new innovative and original courses from Online Arts Education. The first lesson for every course is absolutely free and I just know you’ll find something you’ll love to learn. Remember, learning is fun and learning is for life.

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matrix trilogy concepts

This is an academic course on the worlds, themes, concepts, and philosophical messages in the films, The Matrix, The Matrix Revisited, The Matrix Revolutions and The Animatrix, written and directed by Lily and Lana Wachowski. Focusing on four key concepts in the film series: purpose, consciousness, free will, and machine vs. man. This course brings together several strands from the films using stills, frame analysis, dialogue and documentaries. Try for free today.

The world’s first online academic Michael Jackson Studies course leads the learner through the creative world of Michael Jackson’s music, film and cultural relevance for six inspirational weeks of revealing research, alongside a personal journey using explanatory videos, weekly readings, along with note-taking and a creative academic project. Try for free today.


Beyoncé in Culture’ Online Course
This is an online academic course on the art, performance and representation of entertainer, Beyoncé Knowles. Focusing on Beyoncé’s image of mystique and the selling power of sexuality in culture, this course brings in new perspectives on Beyoncé’s place in the history of black femininity and black feminism, taking into context key figures in the Western fetishization of black women, such as Saartjie (Sara) Baartman (Hottentot Venus) and Josephine Baker. Try for free today.
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