MJ’s Dream Lives On & MJ Studies Today

July, as expected, is shaping up to be a joyful month.

The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studiespublished the first part of our four documentary interview episodes with yours truly, Elizabeth Amisu, discussing my academic book, The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife.


In these episodes I explain my journey in Michaeling, my fan experience, how the book started, where my inspiration came from, my process behind writing and all of the 21 chapters. These episodes will be rolled out over the next few weeks up until the book’s release.


My column, MJ Studies Today is now live for July and it is all about the movement of ideas in Michael Jackson Studies, and something which I call the quest for infinity, a concept that goes beyond the ideas, behind the man and behind the mirror.

It’s all for love,

Eliza x


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