MICHAEL JACKSON’S DREAM LIVES ON: 7 Albums, 7 Songs, 7 Years (with special guest, Dr. Joseph Vogel)


Episode 10 – MJAS Exclusive: 7 Albums, 7 Songs, 7 Years (with special guest, Dr. Joseph Vogel)


This tenth episode stands in the light of Michael Jackson’s 7th anniversary, seven years after his death. In this MJAS Exclusive, Elizabeth and Karin are joined by guest, fellow academic and author, Joseph Vogel, to discuss the seventh song of the seven adult solo albums of Michael Jackson.

What is The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies?

An academic, scholarly journal, which is peer-reviewed, in which academic writing and scholarship relating to Michael Jackson can be accessed. Academic journals are one of the most wonderful ways to share academic criticism and research with interested parties. This research is presented as bookscourses, events, essays, teaching resources, columns, articles, book reviews, academic podcasts and original research.Find out more here.

Why Michael Jackson?

It is a little-known fact that academic, well-researched “books on Elvis Presley alone outnumber titles on Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson combined”. (Vogel, Man in the Music). Whereas an artist like Michael Jackson is incredibly visible through the media and tabloid coverage, research on his art remains comparatively small. If this continues Michael Jackson’s contributions could be written out of history in just a few decades. Therefore, this journal nurtures, fosters, protects, preserves and grows the vital research and recognition of his work. Find out how you can support us.


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