Prince & MJ, 2 New Academic Reviews & MJ Studies Today

June, as promised, is shaping up to be a pretty exciting month. episode-9-715x400

We published the second part of our two-episode discussion with academics, Lisha McDuff and Roberta Meek:

mjdlo cover.jpgWe celebrate our new publication from The Journal of Michael Jackson StudiesMichael Jackson and Prince, which peaked at #600 on Amazon’s international charts. Considering Amazon has well over 1.5 million books, that’s pretty amazing. This quick 90-minute read is full of fascinating insights into both Jackson and Prince’s catalogs, careers and connections. A definite must-read for fans of both artists who are also interested in African-American representation and heritage. It is a joy to bring this to you, I hope you love it as much as we do.

This month has already brought, not one but tMaking Michael Cover.pngwo academic reviews from The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies. The first, on a biography called Making Michael by independent biographer, Mike Smallcombe, that we’re really raving about here at the journal. We have read a LOT of biographies, and we just loved his objective and balanced perspective, as well as his eye for detail.

MJ Studies Today is now live for June with a discussion of Michael Jackson’s Vindication Day, 13th June. I also let you know how you can support the world’s only completely independent academic journal on Michael Jackson, a vital way to both nurture and preserve academic discourse in Jackson in the upcoming years by becoming an official MJAS Member.

It’s all for love,

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