MJ Academic of the Week 10/12 – Zack O’Malley Greenburg


Who is a Michael Jackson Academic?

Someone who 1) views Michael Jackson as an artist 2) studies his art and writes critical discourse on it 3) values this body of work for its significant cultural impact in the twenty-first century.



©2014 http://zogreenburg.com/

Who? Forbes senior editor and author of the Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind. His second, Michael Jackson, Inc, was released by Simon & Schuster in June. © 2014 http://zogreenburg.com/

Why? Greenburg brings a respectful and business-focused approach to Jackson’s life. He pulls no punches when it comes to discussing Jackson’s finances and his business savvy. His book, Michael Jackson Inc. is notably well-researched, showing step-by-step how Jackson purchased the ATV catalogue in the early eighties and merged it with Sony’s in order to own half of Sony’s publishing.Jackson was an artist who, not only revolutionised the world of commodification in the music industry but also paved the way for Sean Combs (P.Diddy), Shaun Carter (Jay Z) and Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) to become music-businessmen.

Where? Zack can be found at his Twitter, https://twitter.com/zogblog and his website, http://zogreenburg.com/

Greatest Hits – Michael Jackson Inc. – The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of a Billion-Dollar Empire


Reading List:

Greenburg, Zack O’Malley, Michael Jackson, Inc. (Atria, 2014)

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