Of Wings and Hearts

I have come to anticipate a new Syl Mortilla blog the same way one might anticipate a film by a director one loves: with great admiration, respect and a slight covering of one’s heart, just in case it is stolen.

This piece, published July 29th focuses on Michael’s true personality (not his personas), his ‘celebrity activism’ and physical struggles. For Michael Jackson’s life, though it never did seem entirely rosy, was one of both incredible joy and turmoil.

In many ways he was a soldier in an invisible battle. The lyrics of ‘Tabloid Junkie’ attest to that: ‘Speculate to break the one you hate/Circulate the lie you confiscate/Assassinate and mutilate/As the hounding media in hysteria[…] It’s slander/You say it’s not a sword/But with your pen you torture men/You’d crucify the Lord’.

A lot of people think they know Michael Jackson. Syl is one of the few who actually does. Two hundred hours of reading later I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface. All I truly know is that he was my hero and he meant the world to me.

There it goes. My heart. I’ll have to ask Syl to give it back some time.

Of Wings and Hearts