MJ Academic of the Week 6/12 – Jeremy Gilbert


Who is a Michael Jackson Academic?

Someone who 1) views Michael Jackson as an artist 2) studies his art and writes critical discourse on it 3) values this body of work for its significant cultural impact in the twenty-first century.



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Who? Professor of Cultural and Political Theory and Editor of the journal New Formations. He is also a writer, researcher and activist whose work has appeared in various British, continental, American and Australian publications.© 2014 uel.ac.uk

Why? Jeremy Gilbert is not an MJ Academic per se but he is a University Professor. His essay, The Real Abstraction of Michael Jackson is an undeniable work which forces the reader to accept that the Michael Jackson who was lauded and vilified as entirely separate entity to the Michael Jackson who lived and breathed between 1958 and 2009.

With keen academic insight on the concepts of simulacrum, over-representation and hyper-reality, this essay traces the journey of Jackson’s avatars, his Idol, Wacko and Immortal personas as they jostled for supremacy.

Where? Jeremy can be found at his website: http://www.jeremygilbert.org/ and on his twitter page: https://twitter.com/jemgilbert

Greatest Hits – The Real Abstraction of Michael Jackson


Reading List:

Gilbert, Jeremy:

– ‘The Real Abstraction of Michael Jackson’, The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson (ed.) Mark Fisher (O Books, 2009), pp. 137-149

– and Ewan Pearson, Discographies: Dance Music, Culture, and the Politics of Sound (Routledge, 1999)

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