MJ Academic of the Week 5/12 – Barbara Kauffman


Who is a Michael Jackson Academic?

Someone who 1) views Michael Jackson as an artist 2) studies his art and writes critical discourse on it 3) values this body of work for its significant cultural impact in the twenty-first century.



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Who? Writer, minister, blogger, empath and teacher, who has worked as a nurse and shaman.

Why? Barbara’s writing focuses on the spirituality of Michael Jackson’s art, his connection with his fans and the universality of his appeal. She also takes apart the hidden messages in his short films and songs. The artistic focus of Barbara’s website is a rare place, full of candid insight.

Where? Barbara can be found at www.innermichael.com.

Greatest Hits:

What’s In A Little Ghosts Story?

No one else on Earth bears the pain of a Michael Jackson fan

‘I think the pain is so great for fans because the world is still so cruel to “Michael Jackson,” in name and in memory. It’s a bitter irony that it’s the fans who have taken the time and had the interest to research court records, studied what people said, looked into the backgrounds of those who accused and prosecuted him. They know that Michael was set up and that the first accusation of harming children came from a man who was mentally ill and wanted Michael to bankroll his career change from dentist to Hollywood screen writer. The second accusation came from a woman the jury saw as unglued, disjointed, with issues of entitlement and who had coached her children into assisting with other extortions where she received a payout. They know the scope of the corruption in this case and it takes their breath away. They have learned that Michael Jackson was seen as everybody’s benefactor and banker. The fans have studied and the fans know.’ – B. Kauffman

Reading List:

Kauffman, Barbara:

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