MJ Academic of the Week 3/12 – Adrian Grant


Who is a Michael Jackson Academic?

Someone who 1) views Michael Jackson as an artist 2) studies his art and writes critical discourse on it 3) values this body of work for its significant cultural impact in the twenty-first century.



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Who? Adrian Grant is a writer and producer, noted for a twenty-one year friendship with Michael. His career highlights include the first approved MJ fanzine, a Smash Hits cover story on his 1990 visit to Neverland and the wonderful stage production, Thriller Live.

Why? Adrian Grant spent time with Michael and his family. His Visual Documentary, produced at the height of the 1993 extortion debacle, is a testament to his love for a friend and appreciation of a genius. He has the unique insight of friend, colleague and fan.

In 2001 Grant hosted the tenth Annual Michael Jackson Day, which Michael attended just before the release of Invincible.

Where? You can find Adrian on Facebook and Amazon.

Greatest Hit – Michael Jackson, The Visual Documentary

I believe academics should write about Michael because they have to use evidence. In the case of Jacksonism, a little research using credible sources goes a very long way. The Visual Documentary is a beautiful example of this, filled with interesting facts which document Michael’s entire artistic and philanthropic life. Excellent to read in one full sitting.


Reading List:

Grant, Adrian:

–  Michael Jackson: A Visual Documentary The Official Tribute Edition. Omnibus, 2009.

Michael Jackson: Making HIStory. Omnibus, 1998.

– Michael Jackson: Live and Dangerous. Omnibus, 1992.

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