MJAcademic of the Week 2/12 – Syl Mortilla


Who is a Michael Jackson Academic?

Someone who 1) views Michael Jackson as an artist 2) studies his art and writes critical discourse on it 3) values this body of work for its significant cultural impact in the twenty-first century.



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Who? A self-confessed ’Michael Jackson Blogger and Activist’ with a notable role in the MJ community as a voice of unflinching advocacy.

Why? Syl Mortilla’s writing cuts to the very heart of the tough issues. He writes uncompromisingly on Michael and Children, Michael’s Face, Michael’s Illness, as well as Michael’s Legacy with uncanny insight which always produces a new revelatory outlook.

Mortilla is so-often the voice of reason, the voice of empathy and most importantly, the voice that will not be silenced. His writing is a reminder that there is an ongoing battle for positive, fair representation and for the legacy of the maestro. The truth is that in a hundred years time we’ll all be gone. If future generations are lucky, Michael Jackson’s music will still be here.

Where? You can find Syl at his website, http://sylmortilla.com/ or at his Twitter http://twitter.com/SylMortilla.

Greatest Hit – The Mission: An Article on Michael Jackson and Children

Syl is often the inspiration for my own writing on Jacksonist discourse. My upcoming essay on children is a direct extension of his. He cuts to the very centre of the key contentious issues of MJ’s misrepresentation and always leaves the reader asking the right questions.


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For many other engaging and thought-provoking articles see: http://sylmortilla.com/


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