Some thoughts on the #mjhologram for my #mjfam.

Michael was an innovator. Michael Bush wrote ‘we likened Michael Jackson to a canvas. He relished the details, was always curious about the process, and craved invention’. The live performance was just one of Michael’s artistic mediums and one we may lose to DVD or video. It’s not the same as seeing it on a stage with a crowd. So as this technology improves so will the ability to display this facet of his artistic expression.

He may have relished the fact that the hologram technology is ground-breaking, unique and showcases all his work for yet another generation. However… there’s a darker side to this which is brilliantly explored in this article by Corey Deiterman: Why Can’t We Let Dead Musicians Be Dead?

A lot of the publicity around Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’ and the ‘Immortal’ tour have revolved around a worrying resurrection theme. In my essay, Throwing Stones To Hide Your Hands: The Mortal Persona of Michael Jackson I discussed the negative aspect of this ‘Immortal Persona’.

It negates the very fact that Michael was a real person. It simply ignores the fact that Michael has passed away. That is the real problem. I think I’m going to have to write a paper about it.