Why I Write About Michael Jackson


Five years ago the world lost its most shining light and I, like so many others, lost my lifelong inspiration. As a Graduate Shakespeare scholar at King’s College London and a lecturer for half a decade I have spent much time researching the great playwrights of the seventeenth century. However to me, The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: Faith. Hope. Love are more important. A proportion of the proceeds from the articles will go to children’s charities in Michael’s memory.

And these are just 12 of a million reasons why I will continue to write about Michael Jackson:

  1. He was a master of words, a global, contemporary Shakespeare. While, at the same time being as musically gifted as Mozart.
  2. He was heartbreakingly misrepresented in his life.
  3. He was a scholar of the world. He loved books and he saw the limitless value in them.
  4. His only wish was to share his gifts with the world.
  5. He never sought approval for the many kind, humanitarian things he did.
  6. The cult of celebrity appropriated him very young, through the public he was seen solely as a commodity and this, ultimately contributed to his untimely passing.
  7. He remained humble no matter his achievements.
  8. He has been, is, and will continue to be a phenomenal inspiration in all creative endeavour.
  9. He was a black man who faced prejudice but rose above it with love.
  10. He triumphed repeatedly over every emotional and physical issue he was faced with.
  11. He was a loving and caring father, brother, cousin, uncle, mentor and friend.
  12. Through his music, philosophy and poetry, he taught me how to strive, to aspire, to dream.