Summer ’13 Writing Tips


I tried Jonathan Gunson’s 9 writing tips over one summer:

1. Support other authors

My friend, Julie Cross published a new novel this summer, you can find it here. I spent time with my author/playwright friends, which was lovely, discussing art and film. YOU should do the same.

2. Meet another author for coffee

CHECK. My friend, lets just call her C, is an amazing author whose debut novel will certainly be fantastic. She writes historical fiction and spending time drinking coffee and chatting with her has been ace. YOU should find someone who’s the same for you. By both being writers, I agree with Gunson, you’ll definitely spur each other on to write more.

3. Write short stories

I wrote three new pieces, which included treatments for a screenplay, TV series and fanfiction outlines. One thing I will do over the next few months is start putting pieces on wattpad. Although I’m a big fan of, it’s not a great place for completely original work.


4. Write for literary contests

Submitting to literary contests has helped me immensely. My short story ‘January 3rd’ won the MigMag.Co.Uk competition last year, you can read it in the FICTION section. So I decided to submit my work to lots more competitions this summer. Putting yourself out there is wonderful! It encourages YOU to take risks as a writer.

5. Share useful information and answer questions

This is something I do naturally with friends but I am making an extra effort to do online with my Twitter account and my Instagram account.

6. Employ a friendly editor / coach

I have an amazing editor for my novel, a fantastic beta for my fanfiction and a great story editor for my screenplays. I am incredibly lucky to have these people, but the best thing was the realisation that I needed them. They have made my work so much better. EDITORS ROCK!

7. Build relationships that you can leverage later


I have made a whole series of wonderful artistic friends, mostly through talking to people about what I love, which is Film, Theatre, and Fiction. A great way to imagesupport and meet other artists is to go online and look at Kickstarter projects and pledge even a dollar to those you like. I even got a nod from the awesome Spike Lee this summer and the gorgeous Cush Jumbo.

8. Plan A Pilgrimage To Shakespeare’s Birthplace: Stratford On Avon

Shakespeare’s Globe is my favourite place in the world. This year I saw both productions of ‘The Tempest’ which inspired my new novel, ‘Ripe Earth’. To quote my protagonist Gwen: “I like to think there are pockets of actual magic in the world, places where it floats. If you breathe really deep you can fill yourself with it.”


YOU should find your place where magic floats. For me, Southbank is one of those places. Let that place inspire you. And you don’t need the place, you can even find inspiration in documentaries, through TEDTalks and television series.

9. Not so much a ‘support’ tip, but some shining optimism for you:

“Happiness is not having what you want. It’s wanting what you have.”

The trick to the day-to-day life of being a writer is enjoying every part of every stage of your writing life, while living in the future of your successes, the goals you’re aiming for. So be as happy as you can while knowing that the Universe is all coming together for you.

How have you been spending your Writing Summer? Have you tried any of these tips? How do they work for you? Leave a Comment Below…