Another Orange Wednesday Review – Man of Steel ****


What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?

Reboot. Reboot. Reboot. Warner Bros and DC have been trying to reboot Superman for the longest of times. They have, finally, over $200 million later, succeeded in kick-starting the franchise.

Personally, I really liked Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, and think the film was unduly put aside but by now, we all know the backstory. David S. Goyer’s script goes beyond that and focuses on Krypton as a world gone awry, and then on alienation, family and finding ones path in life. There are some fantastic allegories about humanity and the way we treat our planet and resources, on colonialism and war, and lastly, on genetic engineering, that are seamless with the lush script filled with smart one-liners.

Henry Cavill (Clark Kent) is the name of the day, along with a small army who play younger versions as he grows into the reporter/superhero we know and love. The otherworldly exquisiteness he exudes during the film is truly otherworldly. Russell Crowe shines as Jor-El and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane is sweet and sharp. Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) and Diane Lane (Martha Kent) provide a solid ensemble, through which the action takes place. However, it has to be actor Michael Shannon who steals the show as Zod, relentless, terrifying, unbelievably well-armoured.

All that aside, the real unsung heroes of this production are the visual effects artists (WETA mostly), those involved in stunts, as well as the ridiculous number of extras that were gathered. The fight sequences are absolutely immense, an onslaught to the senses.

Overall: You will believe a man can fly. And if you don’t, you’ll definitely enjoy the ride!

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