Another Orange Wednesday Review – Star Trek Into Darkness ****

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(c) Bad Robot/Skydance/KOPaper Productions

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I ❤ Star Trek. I was one of the ‘kids’ who became a trekkie late. Like, forty years late. The fact of the matter is, my parents were pre-teens when The Original Series was done and dusted. However, ever since I watched the reboot in 2009, (you can read my review here) I got incredibly hooked on the storylines, world, and characters. So hooked that I wrote fanfiction that got me my first fans and helped me to meet my best friend, M.

There is nothing like a good space soap opera and a Universe united under the blanket of space exploration. Then, of course there was Zachary Quinto. Let’s all just take a good moment to appreciate him in all his Heroes/American Horror Story/Spockian glory…

Moment over, good. Now on to the review.

Trailers: ‘White House Down’ – LIKE IT (Interesting, seeing as I’m having ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ de ja vu here. No Gerard Butler, he’s been replaced with Channing Tatum…) ‘Kick Ass’ – LOVE IT. Cannot wait to see Jim Carrey kick major bootay. ‘Great Gatsby’ – LIKE IT – This film boasts a supremely hot soundtrack but I have my reservations.

Plot: Although the plot is far more focused than 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ origin movie, this film comes into its own with a banging last thirty minutes which showcases great relationships, wonderful acting and gets to the gooey centre of what it means to be ‘human’. A real attempt was made to give the characters a new adventure. Beware all ye who venture here, there is a lot of death. And a lot of tears.

Acting/Direction: You may know him as Benedict Cumberbatch. He was great in Danny Boyle’s ‘Frankenstein’ at the National Theatre and is flawless in this insane role. Zachary Quinto’s Spock tows the line between overflowing with emotion and being emotionless and Zoe Saldana exploits every opportunity to shine. Chris Pine’s Kirk is believable as the conflicted Captain of the Enterprise and makes a clear link between the man we see in the chair and the man who was discovered by Captain Pike. One actor who really has his day is Simon Pegg, providing much-needed humour during a film which takes us into the very darkest recesses of human experience.

CGI/Setting: Judging from the extensive credits (I always stay till the end) a battalion, a veritable legion of folks worked on post-production, giving ‘Into Darkness’ a classy sheen. What results is a delight and a wonderful visual daydream of a movie. We have Industrial Light and Magic to thank for that. Some of the handheld-esque shots seem to have been taken from the Joss-Whedon-Serenity-Songbook, to enhance the feeling of dread in the audience. One of director, J.J. Abrams greatest achievements with this film is that although so many of these locations are pure figments of human imagination, at no point do we feel completely detached from the film world.

Overall: On a phaser scale of ‘stun’ to ‘kill’ this film is definitely a stunner. A must-see for Trekkies everywhere and a great night at the pictures for everyone else.

P.S. That black British actor’s name you can’t remember is Noel Clarke.

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