Peanut Butter Facials – A teamTEENauthor Dare


It’s teamTEENauthor DARE DAY!!! An awesome contest on Julie’s blog today as part of teamTEENauthor – find out loads more here:!

Here are the dares for today created by the Perfect 10 teen panel.

1) Cover your face with peanut butter and take a picture. 

2) Write your most embarrassing moment from your teen years Shakespearean style. 

3) post pictures and other links all about your celebrity teen heartthrob crush from middle school/high school. 

I was so excited about this that I actually did it way back in June when I found out! There is also a video of me in the peanut butter experiment to follow. It was a lot of fun, really sticky and gross. Not something I’d do again, but definitely shows how far I’ll go for the awesome fans and readers out there 😀

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So please check these out and leave the writers some awesome comments because Julia and Erica have put together such a fabulous and diverse group. If you want to see the full list of authors go here.