Discovering The Sacerdos Institute


The Sacerdos Institute is the core of the novel, ‘Sacerdos‘ and is really important in the first and the second book. This is where most of the important action takes place.

The first novel – ‘Sacerdos’ describes the Sacerdos Institute as a ‘grand, stately building’ which is ‘bold and beckoning. Its ashen walls, jagged architecture, sheer massiveness is surrounded by a perfect lawn.’  The Sacerdos Institute is a school for ‘gifted children’, much like Hogwarts is a school for wizards and can be compared to the Training Camp in ‘The Hunger Games’.

Sacerdos Institute has a great garden at its centre called Old Viridis.  The libraries, halls and courts are described in the novel as being filled with ‘lonely echoes’.

There are six Orders at the Sacerdos Institute, which are noted for their colours: Alatius are blue, Verriane are Red, Bernay are White, Intellegens are Gold, Marynor are Green and Sathin are Black. The Sacerdos Institute doubles as a training facility for teenagers with special abilities and has a unique division called the Elite.

In the first book of The Sacerdos Mysteries – Sacerdos, Caelara (the black female protagonist) is inducted into the Elite Division the day she arrives and this is the reason why she has to go to war.

Elizabeth Amisu is the author of The Sacerdos Mysteries series.  She chose to self-publish her creative Dystopian Fantasy, joining the popular Dystopian Fantasy novels like Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. A unique selling point of The Sacerdos Mysteries is that it is a science-fiction fantasy novel with a Black Female protagonist.

The Sacerdos Mysteries is set in a world called Terra Magna (meaning ‘Great Earth’) on an island called ‘Sacerdos’ which is the capital of the known Universe. The Sacerdos Institute is a school for the gifted children as Hogwarts is a school for wizards in Harry Potter!

If Elizabeth were at the Sacerdos Institute she would definitely be in Sathin Order because it is so mysterious as the members do not tell you most of what is going on! It is a very secretive order. Like Elizabeth!!  Elizabeth would not be an Elite though, since literary endurance, being able to write is not a supernatural gift in Sacerdos Institute.

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