teamTEENauthor DARE DAY!! 1


It’s teamTEENauthor DARE DAY!!

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So… due to a mix-up, my TeamTeen Author submission is a few days late. But as they say, ‘good things come to those who wait’

Here are the dares for today created by the Perfect 10 teen panel.

1) Get 5 complete strangers to sign your arm with a pen or marker in a public place and have someone take pictures of  a couple people signing and of the finished product.

2) Create and perform 60 seconds of choreography to a Justin Beiber or One Direction song and upload a video of it. You will be allowed background dancers (limit of 2). Does NOT have to be in public. The internet will be public enough. 

3) Memorize one complete verse and the chorus to Nicki Manaj’s Super Bass and make a video of you singing it. Does NOT have to be in a public place.  

I honestly just wasn’t brave enough to do the Nicki Minaj and I knew my students may chance upon it so I decided to go the foyer at work and get random people to sign my arm. It was fun explaining why I was there and what I was doing.


Other teamTEENauthor Dares:

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Julie Cross did the trousers inside-out in Burger King.

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So please check these out and leave the writers some awesome comments because Julia and Erica have put together such a fabulous and diverse group. If you want to see the full list of authors go here.