‘Being Human’ Q&A with Toby Whithouse

I’m pleased to say I loved ‘Being Human’ instantly. The second the pilot aired, I know that the show was on to a winner! So I was really lucky to meet and talk to the writer at Kapow ComicCon during his Q & A session.

Elizawriter and Toby Whithouse

There is now an American ‘Being Human’ – can you tell us your opinions on the series and why you think there was a need for a US reboot in the first place. How close are you to the American show in terms of scriptwriting and is there something ïnherently British about the way ‘Being Human’ works?

…Never seen American version of Skins. Thinks it is successful and they have translated the tone, sense of humour and eccentricity. Annie’s cups of tea. Think there’s a camaraderie between cast and decided not to be involved in the new version. His lack of intervention has really paid off. Juxtaposed tones – domestic vs. Supernatural. Will we find out what Annie said to bring Nina back from near death? X

His answer was that he didn’t really know but that in season 1 there was a scene where Annie whispers into Owen’s ear and sends him mad. So it could be magical words or powers or even Leah relinquishing control over Nina’s life. But he didn’t really know and said it was a crap answer. So there we go 🙂

Flashbacks??? Yes we will be having more of them. They are very expensive. Herrick’s final moment and the smile. Why? Herrick said ‘one day one of us will kill the other’. His smile was in recognition of the fact that he had been trumped by Mitchell. 🙂 Vampires were like Middlemanagement. You could walk past them and not even know. This was a secret world that we just weren’t privy to. So the Vampires were supposed to be ‘unprepossessing and ordinary looking’. What is it going to be about now that Mitchell is gone?

Show format will establish itself very quickly. There are a lot of surprises to come. The house and set? They are staying in that B&B set for as long as the show goes on because it cost a lot. Will Annie have to confront her own sins? There are lots of references to Annie’s powers and in series four these will be explored a lot more.

Elizabeth Amisu – KapowComicCon – Q&A with Toby Whithouse